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Java new versions and it’s Features


Java 9 (released in 2017):

🍵Module system (Jigsaw) for better organization of code and improved security

🍵JShell: a new tool for interactive Java programming

🍵HTTP/2 support in the standard library

🍵Process API improvements

🍵Collection Factory Methods

Java 10 (released in 2018):

🍰Local variable type inference

🍰Garbage collector interface

🍰Improved container awareness

Java 11 (released in 2018):

🍊Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs

🍊Flight Recorder

🍊HTTP Client (Standard)

🍊Nest-Based Access Control

Java 12 (released in 2019):

🌮Switch Expressions (Preview)

🌮Compact Number Formatting

🌮Teeing Collector

Java 13 (released in 2019):

🥝Switch Expressions (Standard)

🥝Text Blocks (Preview)

🥝ZGC: Uncommit Unused Memory

🥝Reimplement the Legacy Socket API

Java 14 (released in 2020):

🌽Records (Preview)

🌽Switch Expressions Extensions (Preview)

🌽Pattern Matching for instanceof (Preview)

🌽Helpful NullPointerExceptions

🌽Packaging Tool (Incubator)

Java 15 (released in 2020):

🌶️Sealed Classes (Preview)

🌶️Hidden Classes (Preview)

🌶️Text Blocks (Standard)

🌶️ZGC: Concurrent Thread-Stack Processing

🌶️Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA)

Java 16 (released in 2021):

🫑Records (Standard)

🫑Sealed Classes (Standard)

🫑Pattern Matching for instanceof (Standard)

🫑Vector API (Incubator)

🫑Foreign-Memory Access API (Incubator)

Java 17 (released in 2021):

🍖Sealed Classes: JEP 409

🍖Foreign Function and Memory API: JEP 412

🍖Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generators: JEP 356

🍖Improved Support for Unicode 13.0: JEP 372

🍖New macOS Rendering Pipeline: JEP 382

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